It was the night before Chrismukkah and all through the house, not a creature was stirring …

except for Ragnar who has just come out of a 10 hour car journey from New York. “Rough” is all he manages to bark, as he barrels his way through the door demanding Flunken, Turducken or anything that will quench his insatiable appetite. He barges past weird cousin Duke - who always tries to hump him at this time of year, or any time of year for that matter - and into the arms of Uncle Ró and Auntie Soph. The freshly cut Green Lake pine tree glistens with el-wire, laser-cut intergalactic hybycozo decorations, surplus green ribbon from L by Linda Lundström's studio and crackers from Blighty’s British Import Store.

Underneath the branches are more purchases from Blighty’s, Harrod’s, Uniquely Pure and the Irish Souvenir section of Dublin Airport, artfully wrapped by Sophie in her signature hand-painted paper, upon which is written, each person's name or nickname along with extremely cute watercolour painted cards. Linda and Joel are bursting with joy that their beautiful dóttirs and marvellous menschen have decided to spend their first Chrismukkah at Green Lake, which is also, notably, the first time in living memory that Christmas and Chanukkah have occurred in the exact same week.

Aidan dutifully carries his many large pressies inside, while Mosha feigns lifting her heavy suitcase upstairs until assistance arrives. “Thank you so much Rónan, the trip was sooo looong and Aidan was sooo amazing under these treacherous conditions. Do we have any caviar?”. Linda has an announcement before the unveiling of the Smorgasbord, “Thank GOD you arrived safely, I was SO worried and OH MY GOD do we have a fun week planned for you guys! I just want to thank Joel for buying the exact right sized Turkey and doing such a good job of the shopping overall … thank you Joel … I love you … you’re the best … guys we have to start calling him Rawhide”, “MOMMM” cry the girls “Oh soory, aboot that, I just want to thank you all for being here and for bringing me a Vitamix”, “MOMMM, that’s supposed to be a surprise!”, “Ooooh ok, well thank you anyway, i know i said no presents and I meant it, but if you want to wrap any presents, there is a TON of newsprint in my studio. Amen.”

With that, the bounty of tasty morsels, enormous salads, nordic-inspired meat and ethnic mustards is devoured under the glow of hygge candles and sacred geometric lighting. The Duke’s barely noticeable head-nudges earn him some scraps while the deathly snorts and growls of Sir Ragnar only result in a rebuke from the even huskier voice of his old man. The Chanukkah candles are lit, the festive outfits are instagrammed, the remaining presents are ‘rapped’ and Joel puts on the ice hockey.

It is a Happy Chrimukkah for all and for all a good night. -Ró